Here are some things that I thoroughly endorse to help pass the time at work.
I figure I don't need to include the obvious things like the IMDB or the Onion or KFTH.

- Brad the Game. Must be seen to be believed.
Fans of Brad the Game should also check out the author's own site: The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith. The guy loves legos (the picture inside isn't very work-safe).

This Modern World - Fantastic political cartoonist. Was still beating up Clinton for not being liberal enough months into GW's reign.

The Arcata Eye Police Log - Humorous and sometimes poetic (I've seen numerous haikus) police log of what I am told is the weed growing capital of the US.

Movie-A-Minute - Movies condensed to a polite summary.

O.C. and Stiggs - The escapades of O.C. and Stiggs, turned into a movie directed by Robert Altman that was inexplicably bad, given the great source material.

Metal Gear Thumbnail Theater - Well, there are a bunch of non-Metal Gear cartoons here, but the two related ones are pretty funny. If you happen to be in to Metal Gear Solid, that is.

Spinsanity - "The nation's leading watchdog of manipulative political rhetoric".

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